Atelier Technique D'équipements Moules Attem
Zone Industrielle Ouest - 12 Rue Gilbert Romme
72200  La Flèche
N°TVA : 9430121764

Maintenance of your tooling fleet

We provide all types of maintenance for your tooling fleet. Preventive or corrective maintenance, we ensure the proper functioning of your moulds.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance allows you to keep the initial performance of your tools in order to avoid costly production stoppages. We carry out a diagnosis then a prevention plan allowing to maintain the tools and to preserve each part of it, namely :

  • component wear
  • torque tightening (mechanical and electrical)
  • cleaning, lubrication
  • lubricant levels
  • test

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance allows you to reduce your production downtime. We take action quickly to diagnose the breakdown and restore the production tool.

 ATTEM benefits from a great reactivity which allows you to subcontract the maintenance of your tools. Thanks to a flexible organization based on the computerization of data exchanges between the CAM and the machine park.

In addition to diversified and powerful tools, ATTEM is also equipped with a press to be presented for moulds up to 30T (17T lower plate + 13T upper plate) and with turning bridges up to 30T.


For any tool modification study, tool reception or equipment maintenance, contact us !